How to Paint Reflective Surfaces – Metal, Leather, Glass and Chrome

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Welcome to this lessons on painting Reflective Surfaces! Many of us think we know what materials like metal and glass look like, but it’s not until we try to paint them that we realised just how tricky they can be. Whilst Reflective Surfaces can be a little bit challeg at first, once we understand a few principles about how Light behaves it becomes a lot easier to manage, and more importantly, more fun to paint. This lesson will first cover The Laws of Light before we learn how to create the Illusion of Reflection. After that, we’ll dive into a series of demonstrations where we’ll be Painting 5 Different Reflective Surfaces – Gold, Leather, Coloured Transparency, Glass and Chrome. If you’ve ever had trouble painting these type of materials in the past then this is going to be the class for you!

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