Gross and Ghastly, Animals By DK

Gross and Ghastly, Animals By DK

pdf | 16.87 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 0744039398 | Author: Kev Payne | Year: 2021


Gross and Ghastly: Animals is an alternative animal factbook, which draws children in with its gruesome nature, but provides essential facts every child should know.

Did you know that seals supposedly have the stinkiest farts in the world? Or that some creepy-crawlies use their poop as a shield so that they don’t get eaten? Learn about all the gross things animals do, with this fantastically gruesome factbook!
Focusing on a range of animals, from creepy critters to foul fish, and what makes them so truly terrible, Gross and Ghastly: Animals is a stomach churning journey that delves into the despicable animal kingdom. Dive down to the depths of the ocean and discover why puffer fish inflate. Explore the Amazon rainforest and see if you can spot the poison dart frog, one of the most toxic animals on earth.
Packed full of facts, puzzles, and games, young readers are sure to learn something exciting about their favorite animals. Including delightfully disgusting illustrations, this is a must-have for every young animal-lover or 6-9 year old who loves a bit of toilet humor!

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