Fundamentals of Project Management in 90mn: A practical introduction

Fundamentals of Project Management in 90mn: A practical introduction Duration: 1h 55m | .MP4 1280×720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 721 MB
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It would be useful for anyone to learn the basics of project management to allow them to:
– Understand what is going on in a project
– Influence a project
– Become part of one
– Sound knowledgeable and get respected in the corporate world. “Yes I know what you’re saying”
РMaybe start a Project Manager career. (This course is not sufficient, if you know you want to become a PM now, check out my other course)
– Check how you could use a project structure for your own life projects.
This course is a 90mn introduction to Project Management, but is also providing lots of useful information around Projects, Project Management and Project Managers (PM).
You will understand exactly:
What is a Project
What is Project Management
What is the most basic Project Management process used on most projects
What are the 9 key things to look into when dealing with or managing a project
You will also get an introduction on:
Program Structure (Project Manager team)
Steering committee structure
Risk Management
Issue Management
Stakeholder management, the unloved child yet so important in Project Management
Project Charter and Project Management Plan (2 very important project management document)
I will provide you with most slides of this course to allow you to review the basics wherever you are without having to watch the videos.
I am also provide a small booklet with the 7 key artefacts of Project Management.
Part 1: Definitions and Process overview
This will provide you with a framework, basic knowledge on how a Project Management works. Useful for Part 2 too.
Introduction & Definitions
4 Phases
9 areas to watch
Part 2: Walking through the process
Here I take you step by step through a Project lifecycle, from start to finish
Lifecycle: 4 phases in detail
Example for each phase
Part 3: Knowledge reinforcement
This part will really nail down the concept of Project Management. You will review some topics seen from a different angle.
Roadmap walkthrough
7 key Documents
How to talk to a PM

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