Exploring JavaScript – Objects & Prototype Chain

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Visualise how Prototype Chain in JS connects to object and functions.
Objects & Prototype is the most important aspect and learning this will transition you into an advanced JS developer

In depth understanding of JavaScript’s Object & Prototype system

How Object/Classes, Prototype, THIS keyword & NEW keyword work in JS

Learn in-depth about Prototype Chain

Basic understanding of JavaScript

JavaScript is that language that you need to know to build applications that work across the platforms and knowing about the JS from the point of the language specification is really important.

In this course, we will cover the in-depth analysis and understanding of

THIS keyword

Binding that impacts the behavior of this keyword

NEW keyword

Arrow functions



Prototypal Class

Prototype Chain

Prototype-based Inheritance

Shadowing Prototypes

Classical vs Prototype-based Inheritance

The object system is one of the strongest pillars of JavaScript, the other being the Scope system. The course goes in-depth to understand not only what these features are but also why certain features behave in such strange ways. The strangeness comes mostly from the fact that we all have learned different languages acadally. And because the roots of the JS languages is derived from many other languages, it is interesting to see how certain things work differently(which makes them strange to us, hopefully not by the end of the course 🙂 )

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with a solid understanding of how the object system works in JavaScript. It will lead you to master other advanced concepts quite easily. It will also improve your ability in writing solid JS code that is concise and clear in intent.


12th September 2021 –

5 New Lesson Addition – Introduction to Prototype Chain Part 1

These video sections are essential in understanding the underlying principles of the Prototype Chain

Learn to visualize & create great mental model when using object & classes

Deep understanding of difference & relationship between prototype, [[Prototype]] & __proto__

Apply the learning from this keyword & new keyword to understand how prototype model works.

15th September 2021 –

New Lesson Addition – Advanced Prototype Chain & Understanding Function & Object Constructor

JavaScript developers who want to build a solid understanding of JS Object system

JavaScript developers who want to understand the ES6 class system and how behind the scene JavaScript creates it

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