Excel Text Functions: Learn them in 30 Minutes!

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What are Text Functions in Microsoft Excel
Although Excel is mostly associated with numerical data and analysis,┬áit’s also really useful for managing text based data. Text functions allow you to change the format of text, combine different text strings, extract parts of a text string, substitute one text string for another, and┬ámore!

Who is this class for

This classed is designed for any Excel user┬á(bner to advanced) who wants to learn about text functions. Text functions are useful for a wide range of tasks and┬áprofessions, although are usually not the most common functions for Excel users to learn,┬áso if you don’t think they could be useful for you to learn, you might be surprised!

If you’re completely new to Excel, you’ll benefit from taking my ‘Excel for Bners: Learn the Essentials in 50 Minutes’ class before taking this class.

What will I learn

In just 30 minutes, this class covers the following topics:

Chag Text Formatting: Useful Tips

How to Extract Text with LEFT

Combining Text with CONCAT


Combining Text with TEXTJOIN

Extracting Text with LEFT, RIGHT, and MID

Searching and Extracting Text with MID and SEARCH

Chag Text with SUBSTITUTE

How to Convert data to Text: A Useful Tip

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