Endpoint Status Checker 2.1.0

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Endpoint Status Checker has been created as fast-use tool for monitoring network infrastructures.
On various projects, it has been very handy on larger amount of network endpoints. There are two basic types of test. Protocol Scan and Simple Ping. Protocol scan recognizes HTTP and FTP endpoints. This type of test opens socket with corresponding protocol to target machine. Very useful is reporting in various formats.
Simple .NET WinForms application for monitoring network endpoints status on various conditions.

checking endpoint availability based on ‘Protocol Scan [HTTP/FTP]’ or simple ‘Ping’

various external APIs used [as SpeedTest, GEO IP Loaction, TraceRoute, VirusTotal scan and more…]

exporting scan result report [XML, JSON, HTML or XLS formats]

automatic periodical or continuous scan options

tray status icon and notifications

DOWNLOAD uploadgig.com
https://uploadgig.com/file/download/64e9d071158Cfc40/[email protected][email protected]_EndpointStatusChecker.v2.1.0..zip
https://rapidgator.net/file/bd59c45760373e413ed80df82031fd67/[email protected][email protected]_EndpointStatusChecker.v2.1.0..zip
https://ddownload.com/43uzklt5dusj/[email protected][email protected]_EndpointStatusChecker.v2.1.0..zip
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