Culinary Herbs and Spices – A Global Guide

Culinary Herbs and Spices – A Global Guide

pdf | 4.33 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1839161566 | Author: Opara, Elizabeth I;Chohan, Magali; | Year: 2021


If you want to reconnect with nature and discover the healing power of herbs then keep reading.
The truth is… our bodies give us signs to heal imbalances. But if we ignore these signs and ONLY rely on conventional drugs to cover up the symptoms instead of searching for and managing the root cause, it can be a recipe for disaster.
You will learn:

[*]The ONE Herb You Need to Calm Your Nerves and Anxiety and How to Make It Into a Tincture or Essential Oil and More.
[*]How to Make Your Natural First-Aid Kit
[*]The Necessity of Understanding the Anatomy of Herbs
[*]14 Effective Ways to Harness the Essence of Herbs
[*]71 Ailments and Their Herbal Remedies at Your Fingertips
[*]The Benefits of Herbalism and What’s Important for Your Body
[*]40 Herbs Found In America and Europe, How to Grow, Harvest and Use Them
[*]A Simple Strategy to Make Your Dream Home Apothecary Into a Reality

If you want to get rid of the ailment, you need to find and treat the root cause. That is possible with medicinal herbs, and this book will show you the way!
Even if you’ve never made or tried a home remedy, this guide is so fun and easy to follow that you can start making your own herbal medicine in just 10 days.
With The Art of Herbal Healing: Herbalism for Beginners, an expert herbalist, Ava Green, will take you on a unique herbal journey where you will learn how to find science-backed natural remedies for your ailments. To help protect YOU and YOUR family.
If you never want to rely on pharmaceuticals again, get it now!

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