BA-Pef – Ashlynn Mills

BA-Pef – Ashlynn Mills

epub | 640.51 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B099WSYN1B | Author: Ashlynn Mills | Year: 2021


Sometimes during dark times, it’s not always grief and sorrow that will hold you hostage. For Arlo it’s something more.

Arlo thinks his life has already taken a turn for the worst when he loses his husband in a robbery gone horribly wrong. Little does he know, the worst has yet to come. Brokenhearted and barely hanging on, his grief takes him so far from reality he struggles to find his way back. He reaches the point where he’s not sure he wants to. Arlo is ready to lose a little bit of himself with each passing day if it means he can forget about everything he lost that dreadful night of the break in.

Ba Pef, an entity that feeds off people’s misery, is happy to provide Arlo’s mind with plenty of distraction. He’s ready to show Arlo the true meaning of pain, and pleasure. Only, claiming Arlo’s mind, and dreams, isn’t enough for Ba pef. He wants so much more. He wants everything. All of him.

Please read trigger warnings at the beginning of the book before continuing. This is not a romance or a love story and the Hea is subjective.

Category:Dark Fantasy, Dark Fantasy Horror
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