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Posted by Kent on May 24th, 2023 in TV-PACK

Hometown: A KillingMobeen Azhar looked at his hometown Huddersfield, and was totally shocked at what he found.This was first rate investigative journalism, he touched on the root causes and touched on the cure. It is the case that we need stiffer sentencing to take these criminals of the street for most of their adult lives, the allure of quick money was a factor for the highwayman and it is a reality today.The crime does not come from the drugs per se but from disputes over money, it could be any product. Also in Whitechapel hundreds of young Asian women are heroin addicts, drug taking is not race specific.If I was to make a comment I would like Mobeen to consider intellectually is there such a thing as community. Whether we say black, white, Asian, drag artists or teachers. Is there really a sisterhood for women or is every black person a brother. After that perhaps, habit, tradition and culture needs to be challenged as I see a whole collection of tropes being applied in his attempt to make sense of the world.Either way I think he is great.