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We live in a quantum world. Computers and electronics prove that.It may not be the final Unifying theory….there are gaps.But Humans throughout history have proven we can achieve the extraordinary.Being limited by ones own thoughts and feelings can be infuriating.The Secret, Law of Abundance, Karma…we give it many names….but it’s our energy reacting with the universe and magnetically drawing back the energy we put out.By opening your mind, practicing systems that are thousands of years old, the possibility of evolving BEYOND your limiting beliefs?The ability to access the endless possibilities that YOU COULD BE….?It’s really an attractive value proposition.And Fancy That…all you gotta do is shut up and be grateful…and maybe incredible possibilities open up.To Joe Dispenza “Verily I say unto thee, Again and Again and Again”Your message needs a season 2 and 3. We need to repeat the same message in different words. We need to digitally train the masses to evolve beyond their human limitations if you are honest about your Mission and Values.Learn us good Joe.

Episode List
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e01.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 416.98 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e02.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 398.56 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e03.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 388.4 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e04.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 384.93 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e05.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 391.39 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e06.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 413.84 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e07.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 423.73 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e08.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 412.83 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e09.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 427.45 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e10.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 459.9 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e11.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 471.9 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e12.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 492.55 MB
rewired.with.joe.dispenza.s01e13.720p.web.h264-skyfire.mkv ~ 461.9 MB

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