Write Cold Emails & Follow-Up Email Sequences (B2B)

Write Cold Emails & Follow-Up Email Sequences (B2B)
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Learn to write profitable B2B cold emails and warm email sequences that boost response

What you’ll learn
How to write effective B2B email sequences
How to write B2B cold emails that get opened and read
How to write effective B2B email subject lines
How to structure the sales pitch in your B2B emails
How to write warm email sequences that move prospects towards a sale
How to use hard and soft offers that generate results
How to boost B2B email open rates and clickthroughs

TAKE IT HERE AS A STAND-ALONE COURSE, OR ENJOY IT ALONG WITH 20 HOURS OF OTHER CONTENT. MY MASTERCLASS ON UDEMY IS CALLED: Alan Sharpe’s 20-Hour Copywriting MasterclassIf you want to earn a decent living as a freelance copywriter, you should take on assignments that pay the highest fees. One of those assignments is business to business emails. To see how much money you can make writing B2B emails, just visit my website. When a company hires me to write a series of up to six emails, I charge that company $400.I can typically write this email sequence in a morning.Do the math, and you’ll discover that if you write one email sequence a day at $400 a pop, and if you do that five days a week for 50 weeks in a year, you’ll earn $100,000 a year. Not shabby.Hi, I’m Alan Sharpe, and welcome to my course on how to write effective B2B emails. I teach copywriters around the world how to write compelling copy. I landed my first paying copywriting assignment in 1991, and I taught my first business writing workshop in 1989. Since then, I’ve helped tens of thousands of individuals advance their careers by improving their copywriting.This course is divided into four sections.Section one introduces you to B2B emails as a marketing medium. You learn what they are, how they work, and why writing effective emails has some unique challenges.Section two is all about cold emails, the ones you send to prospective customers to generate leads. I show you the anatomy of an effective cold email, and show you how to write a cold email sequence.Section three is all about warm emails, the ones you send to prospective customers who have requested to hear from you. I show you the anatomy of an effective warm email, and show you how to write a warm email sequence.Section four is the final section. It’s all about the power of drip email marketing. You learn why drip email marketing is so effective at cultivating prospects who are not ready to buy today, but who might be ready to buy in the future.The ideal student for this course is anyone who has to write B2B emails to generate leads, cultivate leads and nurture potential buyers. If you need to write cold emails, warm emails and follow-up email sequences, this course is for you.This course is practical. You and I will examine more than a dozen B2B emails to discover what works, what doesn’t-and why. You’ll learn tips, tricks and best practices from a professional copywriter.I pass on to you all that I’ve learned about writing effective B2B emails during the last two decades. I show you the most common mistakes that copywriters make in their writing today-and then I show you how to avoid these blunders in your email messages.Learn more about the course by reviewing the course description and frequently asked questions below. Watch the free preview lessons. Read the reviews from my satisfied students. Then enroll today.


Section 1: Introduction to B2B emails

Lecture 1 Introduction to B2B emails

Lecture 2 Anatomy of a B2B email

Section 2: Cold emails

Lecture 3 Cold email formula

Lecture 4 Anatomy of a cold email #1

Lecture 5 Anatomy of a cold email #2

Lecture 6 Cold email mistakes to avoid

Section 3: Warm email sequences

Lecture 7 Email sequences explained

Lecture 8 Anatomy of a warm email sequence

Lecture 9 Use a colon in your subject line

Lecture 10 Sound like grandma in your B2B emails

Section 4: Drip email marketing

Lecture 11 Drip email marketing converts long-term prospects

Lecture 12 Drip email marketing reaches ignored prospects

Lecture 13 Drip email marketing prevents customer defections

Section 5: Practice Exercise

Copywriters who want to improve the effectiveness of their emails,Copywriters who want to earn good money by writing B2B email sequences





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