Wine For All – Learn Wine from a Certified WSET Level III

Last updated 3/2021
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Learn How to Taste Wine, Pairing with food, and so much more. Become an Expert in no time!

What you’ll learn
How to Taste Wine
The Main Wine Regions of the World
The Main Grape Varieties and Common Wine Blends
Winemaking Process for Red, White and Rosé
Food & Wine Pairings
How to Read a Wine Label
Fun Wine Facts
Common Wine Misconceptions
History of Wine
Wine Lingo
How to Buy Wine
Wine Recommendations
.and much more!
You need to enjoy drinking wine… preferably enjoy it while taking this course!
No previous wine knowledge required…that is what I’m here for!
So glad you stopped by to check out this course!My name is Myrna Elguezabal and I love so many things, but WINE is definitely up there on my list. If you’re reading these lines that’s because you probably also love wine, are curious to learn more, and don’t know where to start. I was once there and I designed this course with you in mind. it’s fun, dynamic, down to earth, practical and of course, delicious!A bit about me: My wine journey started many years ago while living in Spain. I’ve been studying, tasting, and exploring all things wine ever since. I have a WSET Advanced Certification & Spanish Wine Scholar Certification. But enough about my wine journey. let’s get started with yours!You will learn:· How to Taste Wine· The Main Wine Regions of the World· The Main Grape Varieties and Common Wine Blends· Winemaking Process for Red, White and Rosé· Food & Wine Pairings· How to Read a Wine Label· Fun Wine Facts· Common Wine Misconceptions· History of Wine· Wine Lingo· How to Buy Wine· Wine Recommendations· .and much more!Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?You need to enjoy drinking wine… preferably enjoy it while taking this course!No previous wine knowledge required…that is what I’m here for!If you enjoy a glass of wine, you’ll enjoy this course!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Getting Started
Lecture 2 Introduction
Lecture 3 Resources
Section 2: Chapter 1: Definition, Styles & History.
Lecture 4 Definition
Lecture 5 Styles
Lecture 6 History
Lecture 7 Fun Wine Facts
Lecture 8 Is This a 5-Star Course?
Lecture 9 Common Misconceptions of Wine
Lecture 10 Chapter Summary
Section 3: Chapter 2: Making wine
Lecture 11 Intro to the chapter
Lecture 12 Grapevine Facts & Lifecycle
Lecture 13 Red Wine Production
Lecture 14 White Wine Production
Lecture 15 Rose Wine Production
Section 4: Chapter 3: Tasting
Lecture 16 Tasting
Section 5: Chapter 4: Varieties
Lecture 17 Common Red Wine Varieties
Lecture 18 Common White Wine Varieties
Lecture 19 Wine Blends
Section 6: Chapter 5: Environment
Lecture 20 Intro to the chapter
Lecture 21 Climate & Weather
Lecture 22 Temperature
Lecture 23 Other Factors
Lecture 24 Activity
Section 7: Chapter 6: Geography
Lecture 25 Old World vs New World
Section 8: Chapter 7: Old World 1/2
Lecture 26 Intro to the chapter
Lecture 27 France
Lecture 28 The French Wine Classification
Lecture 29 Bordeaux
Lecture 30 Burgundy
Lecture 31 RhĂ´ne
Lecture 32 Loire
Lecture 33 Champagne
Lecture 34 Interesting Facts about French Wine
Lecture 35 Italy
Lecture 36 Italian Wine Classification
Lecture 37 Piemonte or Piedmont
Lecture 38 Tuscany
Lecture 39 Veneto
Lecture 40 Emilia-Romagna
Lecture 41 Sicily
Lecture 42 Italian White Wines
Lecture 43 Interesting Facts about Italian Wine
Section 9: Chapter 8: Old World 2/2
Lecture 44 Spain
Lecture 45 Spanish Wine Classification
Lecture 46 Rioja DOC
Lecture 47 Ribera del Duero DO
Lecture 48 Priorat DOQ
Lecture 49 Rias Baixas DO
Lecture 50 Cava DO
Lecture 51 Fun Facts about Spanish Wine
Lecture 52 Germany
Lecture 53 German Wine Classification
Lecture 54 Fun facts about German Wine
Lecture 55 Portugal
Lecture 56 Portuguese Wine Classification
Lecture 57 Main Wine Regions of Portugal
Lecture 58 Douro
Lecture 59 Alentejo
Lecture 60 Bairrada
Lecture 61 Fun facts about Portuguese Wine
Section 10: Tasting #2
Lecture 62 Tasting – Old World vs New World
Section 11: Chapter 9: New World 1/2
Lecture 63 Intro to the chapter
Lecture 64 United States
Lecture 65 California
Lecture 66 Oregon
Lecture 67 Washington State
Lecture 68 Fun Facts about U.S. Wine
Lecture 69 Chile
Lecture 70 Chilean Wine Facts
Lecture 71 Argentina
Lecture 72 Argentinian Wine Facts
Section 12: Chapter 10: New World Wine Regions 2/2
Lecture 73 Australia
Lecture 74 New Zealand
Section 13: Chapter 11: Old VS New
Lecture 75 Old World vs New World Wines
Section 14: Chapter 12: Pairing
Lecture 76 Wine & Food
Lecture 77 Suggestions that you can apply when Pairing
Lecture 78 Practical Pairing Suggestions
Section 15: Chapter 13: Buying wine
Lecture 79 Buying Wine
Lecture 80 How to Read Wine Labels
Section 16: Chapter 14: GRAND FINALE
Lecture 81 Let’s Toast!
Section 17: Wine lingo review – bonus
Lecture 82 Wine lingo
Lecture 83 Alternatives to Cabernet Sauvignon
Lecture 84 Spanish Wine Varieties You Need to Try
If you enjoy a glass of wine, you’ll enjoy this course!

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