Shara by Steven E Wedel

epub | 539.7 KB | English | Isbn:9780615799551 | Author: Steven E Wedel | Year: 2013


Book Two of The Werewolf Saga

When her senior prom ended in disaster Shara Wellington withdrew deep into herself, never telling her parents what happened, and living as an invisible woman on her college campus. Professor Josef Ulrik, however, saw something in the shy young woman and on a snowy December night he offered her the Gift of Lycanthropy.

Shara’s world changed that night. She found power and freedom. When Ulrik took her into the forests of the Rocky Mountains she learned to use her new Gift and how to survive as a wolf. But then, as suddenly as he came into her life, Ulrik departs, leaving her a small fortune and instructions to contact a friend of his in Oregon.

Abandoned, Shara commits to a marriage that ends in tragedy and leaves her trapped in her wolf form for two years, until Ulrik once again rescues her. Now, strong and determined, she may have found a cure to her lycanthropy, something that will allow her to be a normal woman, wife, and mother.

But the Pack is gathering. There is something quite unique about Shara. Some want to kill her. Others say they have been waiting centuries for her.

Category:Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
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