Reality TransmutingPast The Law Of Attraction & Manifesting

Published 7/2022
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Align to your Divine Purpose & Control Your Reality, Manifesting Your Talents and Generating Abundance in Your Life

What you’ll learn
Understand How You’re Connected To Everything Around You
Learn How to Choose the Life you Want
Master the Art of Actively Living Your Life
Learn How to Make the Universe work For You instead of Working Hard to Achieve something
Learn How to Stop Being Bothered by Situations in Your Life, and Turn "Negative " events into Positive Ones
Learn the Structure of the Universe and How it Works
Understand How different Disciplines, Philosophies and Religion are Connected Between Themselves
Learn Reality Transmuting: a structured Technology to Control Your Life
Find Your Purpose in Life
Minimum Requirements: An Open Mind
Being ready to shift Your Consciousness from 3D to a 5D
Hi, my name is Gabriele and I am a Life Coach, author and Reality Transmuting instructor.I’m not going to be using the typical supersell/NLP based description to attract you. (It’s time to Go to the Next Level of Knowledge..way above the Law of Attraction and those spoiled things). I want this Course to Represent Me as an Human Being.I want this Course to Represent Me and my Story. I want this Course to Represent all I’ve being going trough during my Awakening Journey.This is why I’m here.Reality Transmuting is Really Something Magical It’s something that I’ve First of All Got with my intuition and Started to Practice..and then I went to study the principles behind it.**Reality Transmuting has Changed my Life. Despite I was a City Coucilor at the age of 22 and lived so many enthusiastic experienced..Reality Transmuting is by far, THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!So, AS MY PURPOSE AS A STARSEED IS TO HELP HUMANITY, THIS IS WHY I WANT TO SHARE MY KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU.Reality Transmuting is also something Scientifical if you want it includes some of the best and newest discoveries of quantum physics.At the same time, Reality Transmuting it’s something really antique; as it formed by Universal Laws and Teaching that have been kept secret to the most, for more than 2000 years.Reality Transmuting is meant to set you free from the Control of the Matrix.Reality Transmuting can explain you why you are having issue in relationships, at work, in business and in your career.You can change all of this, if You’re willing to.A Hug (this is how we say it in italy), Gabriele
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Disclaimer
Lecture 2 Reality Transmuting Part 1
Lecture 3 Reality Transmuting Part 2
Section 2: Reality Transmuting – Moving through the Space of Variations
Lecture 4 The Space of Variations
Section 3: The 3 Macro Areas of Reality Transmuting
Lecture 5 The 3 Main Macro Areas
Section 4: The Intention
Lecture 6 The Intention
Section 5: The Energy
Lecture 7 The Level of Energy
Section 6: The Interaction with the Environment: The Pendulums
Lecture 8 Pendulums
Lecture 9 Avoiding the Excess of Potential: Dropping the Importance
Lecture 10 Using a Pendulum for Your Own Purpose
Lecture 11 Esempio polizia 2
Lecture 12 Dealing with Pendulums in Practice
Lecture 13 Dealing with Pendulums in Practice Part 2
Section 7: Digging in Deep: Advanced Reality Transmuting Principles
Lecture 14 The Presence
Lecture 15 Excess of Potential in Deep
Lecture 16 Rebalancing Forces
Section 8: Key Principles of RT
Lecture 17 Principles of R.T.
Lecture 18 The Evolution of Your Consciousness
Lecture 19 Getting Rid of Conditionings
Section 9: Extra Lessons
Lecture 20 Why The Law of Attraction Fails
Lecture 21 Why Why Always Manifest Our Biggest Fears ?!
Lecture 22 Video Promo 2
Lecture 23 Promo
Section 10: Your Life after Reality Transmuting
Lecture 24 The Life of the Reality Transmuter
Lecture 25 A New Person, a New You
Section 11: Conclusion
Lecture 26 Conclusion
People who want to Learn Reality Transmuting Principles,People who are Struggling in Life :(,People who have Problems with Relationships,People Who Feel Anxious and Lacking of Somethign Unknown,People who Want to Live an Happy and Fullfilled Life :),People Who are Already Happy and want to be even Happier :),People Who Want to Find the Answer to Existential Questions,People Who Want to Create Real Abundance in Life,People Who Want to Find their Purpose in Life

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