Nocturne House by London Clarke

epub | 502.71 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1393140289 | Author: London Clarke | Year: 2020


If you’ve read previous books by London Clarke, then you will love this one. If you haven’t, she’s about to become your new favorite author.”-Readers’ Favorite review of Whickering Place

After months of searching for his missing wife, ex-priest turned demonologist Hunter Massabrook is shocked to find her in a New Orleans hospital going by a different name. The woman in the hospital bed barely looks like his wife. Worse, she’s obsessed with another man and the memories of her life at a place called Nocturne House. 

As Laura relays the story of her disappearance and the people responsible, she also reveals her connection to a dangerous cult known as The Colony-a group that controls Laura and others through psychological strongholds, supernatural entities, and all-too-human wicked intentions. Laura can’t break away from the man who initiated her into the cult, and she longs to return to Nocturne House. Hunter soon realizes that Laura’s ties to the house form simultaneous bonds with her heart, mind, and blood.

In the final suspenseful installment of the Legacy of Darkness series, supernatural and human evil collide in a tale about the power and danger of living outside society’s expectations and the relationships that can ruin or redeem us.

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