Digital Marketing – Introductory Course

Digital Marketing – Introductory Course
Published 7/2022
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Understand the marketing concepts and techniques to attract customers towards the brand along with the brand

What you’ll learn
The primary goal of digital marketing training is to enhance the marketing skill of professionals who wish to make their career in digital marketing.
Digital marketing which is also known as internet marketing is the upselling, branding and promotion of the products
services using internet via the digital platforms like social media websites, e-commerce websites, radio, television, electronic devices like mobile phones
This training aims at learning and understanding of various digital marketing methods to promote and reach the audience target effectively.
Digital marketing isn’t rocket science. If you have basic intelligence, you can do this digital marketing course online. Of course, a fundamental understanding of digital marketing will help.
The digital marketing training offered by educating focusses on a clear understanding of marketing concepts, difference between the traditional and modern marketing methods, mobile and internet marketing, different digital marketing platforms, various digital marketing techniques like email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine management, affiliate marketing, etc.Digital marketing training helps in learning techniques that help to build a brand in the market and gain the customer’s trust and increased customer satisfaction. Internet marketing helps build the brand name because nowadays the internet is a medium to reach a wide number of customers.This course teaches about search engine optimization and its types which is extremely important while generating web traffic for a website. It also helps to understand the local SEO to attract the local customers looking for the product or the services. Increased web traffic points to a greater number of customers visiting the website which is good for any business.The course helps to understand the brand and campaign conversions like filling up the inquiry forms, subscription letters which are crucial while enrolling the customers for subscribing to the services.Digital marketing training focusses on different techniques and methods to create brand awareness and lead generation as without lead generation the revenue will not be generated. This course focusses on how to generate a large number of leads. Digital marketing is a very efficient marketing method for the growth of any small business. This course focusses on lead generation techniques as a greater number of leads means more revenue or sales.Retaining customers is again crucial for any business or customer servicing organization. This course helps to understand the customers in an effective manner and various methods to retain the old customers and add new customers. Any organization or growing business would not want to lose loyal customers.Digital marketing training helps to understand the market and the target audience. Deciding the target audience is extremely important for creating brand image and awareness.Various digital marketing techniques are taught in this training which helps to reduce the bounce rates of the website allowing a greater number of audiences to connect and, hence expanding the market.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Marketing Acquaintance

Lecture 2 Marketing Universe

Lecture 3 Marketing Definition

Lecture 4 Marketing Concept

Lecture 5 Marketing Thought and Practice

Lecture 6 Marketing History

Lecture 7 History of Marketing Thought

Lecture 8 Marketing Mix

Lecture 9 Marketing Environment

Lecture 10 Marketing Research

Lecture 11 Marketing Segmentation

Lecture 12 Marketing Communications

Lecture 13 Marketing Brand Biosphere

Lecture 14 Marketing Strategy Formulation

Lecture 15 Marketing Types

Section 3: DM-Introduction

Lecture 16 DM Definition

Lecture 17 DM History

Lecture 18 Applications and Benefits

Lecture 19 DM Complements

Section 4: Structural Edifice

Lecture 20 Structural Edifice

Lecture 21 Introductory Edifice

Lecture 22 Evolutionary Landscape

Lecture 23 Evolutionary Landscape Continue

Lecture 24 Frameworks and Tech Matrix

Lecture 25 Frameworks and Tech Matrix Continue

Lecture 26 Precipitating Variables

Lecture 27 Value Train Envelope and Business Model Matrix

Lecture 28 Behavioral DNA Evolution

Lecture 29 Amalgamated Communication

Section 5: Strategy Formulation

Lecture 30 Strategy Formulation

Lecture 31 Evaluation Niche

Lecture 32 Strategy Formulation Niche

Lecture 33 Nuts and Bolts

Lecture 34 Strategy Blueprint

Section 6: Tactical Enunciation

Lecture 35 Tactical Enunciation

Lecture 36 Enunciation Platform

Lecture 37 Communications Mix Matrix

Lecture 38 Communications Mix Matrix Continue

Lecture 39 Execution Infrastructure Part 1

Lecture 40 Execution Infrastructure Part 2

Lecture 41 Execution Infrastructure Part 3

Section 7: Operational Execution

Lecture 42 Operational Execution

Lecture 43 Campaign Ethos Part 1

Lecture 44 Campaign Ethos Part 2

Lecture 45 Campaign Ethos Part 3

Lecture 46 Execution Envelope

Lecture 47 Execution Envelope Continue

Lecture 48 Digital Marketing Methods

Section 8: Concepts Technologies and Segmentation

Lecture 49 Channels

Lecture 50 Global Expenditure Landscape

Lecture 51 Emerging Trends and Concepts

Lecture 52 Impact of latest Data Technologies

Lecture 53 Segmentation

Entrepreneurs: If you have a business, you need to know about digital marketing. Before you can hire a digital marketer from the market, you need to do everything by yourself. And without learning the nitty-gritty of digital marketing, it’s impossible.,Professionals: No matter what profession you are in, you can do this course. This digital marketing certification course will teach you everything you need to learn to search for jobs (yes on social media) and also spread the words about who you are and how you can help.

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