Chinese Hsk 1 Course – Part 6, Learn 100 Chinese Sentences

Last updated 4/2022
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Learn Chinese with Sentences, We are learning 100 HSK 1 level sentences, Chinese Language, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese

What you’ll learn
You will learn 100 sentences in HSK 1.
You will learn how to write characters.
You will learn the pinyin and the tone of the characters.
You will learn basic Chinese grammar.
You will understand Chinese sentences which we will learn in this course.
You will speak Chinese and Chinese people can understand you.
This is the basic Chinese course, so you do not need to know anything about Chinese.
You should like learning Chinese. 🙂
You will learn everything you need to know.
Greetings to everybody.Given China’s status as one of the world’s most powerful countries, it’s unsurprising that demand for China and Chinese continues to grow on a daily basis. Individuals often feel that learning Chinese would be difficult and are afraid to begin. However, Chinese is not as difficult to learn as it seems. The characters seem intimidating at first look, and they are considered as difficult to recall. However, as you will see throughout the course and as I will often emphasize, the Chinese letters are not dissimilar in look. I will explore the links between the characters throughout the session, which will make it much easier to recall what is happening in their lives.This instructional series’ objective is to teach you around 100 Chinese phrases. You’ll see the words you’ve learned in a variety of various contexts, which will make it much more difficult for them to be forgotten and a lot simpler for you to comprehend them. This is one of the most advantageous advantages of learning a language via sentences since you will have a lot easier time understanding them. We’ll also study sentences that you can use in ordinary conversation, which means you’ll be able to employ the phrases we learned directly from the stories or similar sentences while conversing in your native language with a Chinese friend. As a consequence, you will be able to communicate more successfully.Because I built this course for folks with no previous experience of Chinese, no prior knowledge of the language is required. Make a concerted effort to fully grasp the terms addressed in the videos, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything you do not understand. I’ll address your questions in future videos. It is advised that you begin by entering the first letters of the phrase. You will have a far better understanding of the characters’ general structure if you do so.
Section 1: Lectures
Lecture 1 这是谁得茶
Lecture 2 你在读哪本书
Lecture 3 这是我的
Lecture 4 我们喝了一点水
Lecture 5 我们今天有很多饭
Lecture 6 我儿子不听我的话
Lecture 7 你喝多了
Lecture 8 你想我吗
Lecture 9 这是冷的
Lecture 10 你喜欢你的工作吗
Lecture 11 我能说什么
Lecture 12 他很高
Lecture 13 你有电视吗
Lecture 14 你不热吗
Lecture 15 你现在有喜欢的人吗
Lecture 16 狗会叫
Lecture 17 怎么会呢
Lecture 18 我们在看着你
Lecture 19 对不起
Lecture 20 听着
Lecture 21 现在的天气怎么样
Lecture 22 你在写什么
Lecture 23 你想坐哪儿
Lecture 24 我在吃面条
Lecture 25 今天几号
Lecture 26 我五点在家
Lecture 27 那,我们五点后去买衣服,好吗?
Lecture 28 你在Facebook上有多少朋友
Lecture 29 他在医院
Lecture 30 我们做我们想做的
Lecture 31 喝一杯水
Lecture 32 我在睡觉
Lecture 33 我吃好饭了
Lecture 34 桌子上有个杯子
Lecture 35 学生们现在都坐在桌前
Lecture 36 那太多了吗
Lecture 37 你在家吗
Lecture 38 我睡了个好觉
Lecture 39 她昨天来见我了
Lecture 40 我们是朋友
Lecture 41 他有七个儿子
Lecture 42 有多少人能做
Lecture 43 她做什么工作
Lecture 44 他是对的吗
Lecture 45 他在看我们
Lecture 46 猫叫
Lecture 47 你明天工作吗
Lecture 48 我不喜欢看电视
Lecture 49 这是你的狗,我的呢
Lecture 50 我们想听
Lecture 51 我昨天去见他了
Lecture 52 这是你的茶。
Lecture 53 这本书小。
Lecture 54 你在看谁?
Lecture 55 昨天下很多雨。
Lecture 56 我坐在我车里。
Lecture 57 你昨天喝茶了吗?
Lecture 58 我们没有做好。
Lecture 59 我们能不打了吗?
Lecture 60 前面有医院。
Lecture 61 上午在下雨。
Lecture 62 我爱吃饭店的菜 。
Lecture 63 飞机还有多少分钟来?
Lecture 64 我在打电话叫出租车。
Lecture 65 一个苹果四块钱。
Lecture 66 我给儿子喂饭。
Lecture 67 喂?是谁?
Lecture 68 小姐你很漂亮。
Lecture 69 我不知道。
Lecture 70 我不知道我有没有时间。
Lecture 71 我要走了。
Lecture 72 他在踢我!
Lecture 73 他没有孩子。
Lecture 74 我真的不知道。
Lecture 75 我觉得你说的是真的。
Lecture 76 你咖啡喝得太多了。
Lecture 77 我爸爸很忙。
Lecture 78 你想走的时候就走吧。
Lecture 79 和你的车比起来,我的车很小。
Lecture 80 没有人跑在他前面。
Lecture 81 他能游得很快。
Lecture 82 你坐吧。
Lecture 83 帮我一下。
Lecture 84 今天是6月18号,也是Muiriel的生日!
Lecture 85 你能再给我点茶吗?
Lecture 86 我的房间号是多少?
Lecture 87 我没有朋友帮我。
Lecture 88 我知道他去哪儿了。
Lecture 89 我觉得你的工作很好。
Lecture 90 这家店从9点开到18点。
Lecture 91 你的笔比我的好。
Lecture 92 昨天是我17岁生日。
Lecture 93 我认识她两年了。
Lecture 94 我有很多朋友帮我。
Lecture 95 我有一个哥哥,也有一个姐姐。
Lecture 96 我有一个哥哥和一个妹妹。
Lecture 97 他是我弟弟。
Lecture 98 你今天忙吗?
Lecture 99 妈妈比爸爸大
Lecture 100 你今天早上喂过狗了吗?
People who want to learn Chinese.,For people smart enough to see the importance of Chinese. 🙂

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