25+ Great Side Hustle Ideas That You Can Try Today!

25+ Great Side Hustle Ideas That You Can Try Today!
Last updated 1/2022
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From no idea in mind to understanding what is right for you

What you’ll learn
Some great side hustle ideas
How to select the right side hustle idea
Launch a side hustle
Figure out what is right for you
Some ideas for making money online
Learn different ways to earn money online
Identify the right side hustle for you
Ideas for online businesses
You will learn how to come up with a great side hustle Idea.
25+ proven ideas that work and how to implement those
No prerequisites
A side hustle is any activity outside of your day job that helps make more moneyQuestions we will answer around side hustles – 1. How to choose the right side hustle for you? Ask yourself these questionsDoes the idea fit your current schedule?Does the idea align with your passions and interests?Is the idea financially viable?All side hustle provide different types of benefits and flexibility. All side hustles are not created equal. A part-time job may be good seasonally, but in slower months, limited hours can mean limited funds. Gig apps like delivery apps might work for making a couple of extra bucks but these options tend to have payment structures designed to minimize the payout to users providing the service.Course Layout: 1. IntroductionIntroduction to the courseThings to consider before choosing a Side HustleThings to consider before choosing a Side Hustle part 2Things to consider before choosing a Side Hustle part 3Startup VS Side Hustle2. Side Hustle Ideas!Idea Number 1Idea Number 2Idea Number 3: Personal Assistant/ Virtual AssistantIdea Number 4Idea Number 5Idea Number 6Idea Number 7Idea Number 8Idea Number 9: Cover Letter and Resume Writing Services (helping Jobseekers)Idea Number 10Idea Number 11Idea Number 12Idea Number 13Idea Number 14: Social Media MarketingIdea Number 15: Marketing Focus groupsIdea Number 16Idea Number 17Idea Number 18Idea Number 19Idea Number 20Idea Number 21Idea Number 22Idea Number 23Idea Number 24Idea Number 25Idea Number 26Idea Number 27Idea Number 28


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Things to consider before choosing a Side Hustle

Lecture 3 Things to consider part 2

Lecture 4 Things to consider part 3

Lecture 5 Startup VS Side Hustle

Section 2: Side Hustle Ideas!

Lecture 6 Idea Number 1

Lecture 7 Idea Number 2

Lecture 8 Idea Number 3: Personal Assistant/ Virtual Assistant

Lecture 9 Idea Number 4

Lecture 10 Idea Number 5

Lecture 11 Idea Number 6

Lecture 12 Idea Number 7

Lecture 13 Idea Number 8

Lecture 14 Idea Number 9: Cover Letter and Resume Writing Services (helping Jobseekers)

Lecture 15 Idea Number 10

Lecture 16 Idea Number 11

Lecture 17 Idea Number 12

Lecture 18 Idea Number 13

Lecture 19 Idea Number 14: Social Media Marketing

Lecture 20 Idea Number 15: Marketing Focus groups

Lecture 21 Idea Number 16

Lecture 22 Idea Number 17

Lecture 23 Idea Number 18

Lecture 24 Idea Number 19

Lecture 25 Idea Number 20

Lecture 26 Idea Number 21

Lecture 27 Idea Number 22

Lecture 28 Idea Number 23

Lecture 29 Idea Number 24

Lecture 30 Idea Number 25

Lecture 31 Idea Number 26

Lecture 32 Idea Number 27

Lecture 33 Idea Number 28

Anyone with a business startup idea but who isn’t sure what to do with it.,Anyone with a will to start a side hustle but no ideas


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