Ulrik by Steven E Wedel

Ulrik by Steven E Wedel | 381.86 KB English | 289 Pages Title: Ulrik
Author: Steven E Wedel
Year: 2013

Description: The Pack is gathering . . .

Following the murder of his latest protégé, Josef Ulrik grows melancholy and broods alone, but his grief is about to be interrupted.

Joey Woodman, the first werewolf created through natural birth, overcomes the serum administered by his mother every month and flees into the Montana forest as a wolf.

Desperate to find her son, Shara sets out after Joey, but instead finds Thomas McGrath, who tells her that her son has been kidnapped by another werewolf who believes she was destined to be Mother of the Pack.

There can be no culls among us

With Joey missing, Ulrik’s age-old enemy, Fenris, goes into action, stopping at nothing in his search for the one legend says will become Alpha.

Believing Shara has abandoned him to return to life as a werewolf, Chris Woodman makes dangerous associations in an attempt to get Joey back.

War is brewing and the Pack is drawing together in opposing camps, but old memories, forbidden love and treachery threaten to tip the scales against Ulrik and tear apart every alliance he has made over the centuries.

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