Ashes Fire Within Series Book 3 Ella M Lee

Ashes Fire Within Series Book 3 Ella M Lee | 515.3 KB English | 325 Pages Title: Ashes (Fire Within Series Book 3)
Author: Ella M. Lee
Year: 2020

Description: Fiona Ember’s life in Water Clan isn’t slowing down anytime soon. After several shocking near-deaths and an even more shocking resurrection, Fiona is more determined than ever to unravel the mystery behind who is targeting her group and why. And after finding out some startling information about her infamous boyfriend’s bloody past, she is eager to come to terms with dating someone so driven to complete his goals. As Fiona’s group edges closer to completing Nicolas’s and Daniel’s ambitious plans to change the magical world forever, they will need to work harder than ever to navigate problems with new magic and interference from old enemies.

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