The Children of Wisdom Trilogy -Stephanie Erickson

epub | 898.4 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B01GAJ0GD0 | Author: Stephanie Erickson | Year: 2016


“The thread of life is a delicate thing. It is so easily broken.”

Michaela’s gone. Disappeared. And I’m lost without her.

She left to bring a child into the heavens and vanished, along with two Archangels. As I search for answers, I keep uncovering more questions. Why is the human cutting threads? How do we stop her? More importantly, how can I save Michaela?

I’m trapped. The human took me. And Penn has no idea where I am. That woman, she. well, I’m not even sure what she did. All I know is one minute, the Archangels were there, and the next, they weren’t. She’s proving to be a powerful adversary, that’s for sure.

With a child just added to the prison, I need to find my way out of here to end this. More than just their souls depend on me.

The fate of the Earth will not crumble at the hands of a mere human.

Category:Fairy Tale Fantasy, Mythology & Folk Tales, Mythology & Folk Tales

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