Shay’s Rebellion -Sydney Archer

epub | 607.09 KB | English | Isbn:9798985891416 | Author: Sydney Archer | Year: 2022


Half the country wants to imprison her. The other half wants to celebrate her. The President wants to silence her. A powerful billionaire wants to kill her. Two men want to love her. And the young woman at the center of it all just wants to save her farm. As a constitutional lawyer and once-rising star in the West Wing, Shay Richardson was good at her job. Maybe too good. When corrupt political enemies move to silence her, Shay is canceled in every way. Social media accounts terminated. Credit cards and bank accounts frozen. Her own upcoming cable talk show scrubbed…. And so she runs away to the one place where she feels safe – home. But when they use a new law to come to take her farm, Shay’s done running. And late into the night she writes her own Declaration of Independence and uploads it to the internet…. And the spark of rebellion is lit. Shay’s Rebellion is the first book in this epic political trilogy. Through love and passion, heartache and laughter, triumph and tragedy, this rollercoaster of a story penetrates to the deepest core of what binds America together and what now tears it apart. If you like raw emotion, romance, action, political intrigue, politically incorrect ideas, and those willing to fight for those ideas against insurmountable odds, then you will love Sydney Archer’s new thought-provoking political thriller.

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