The Prairie Homestead Cookbook Jill Winger

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook Jill Winger | 205.06 MB English | 539 Pages Title: The Prairie Homestead Cookbook
Author: Jill Winger
Year: 2019

Description: Jill Winger, creator of the award-winning blog The Prairie Homestead, introduces her debut The Prairie Homestead Cookbook, including 100+ delicious, wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients to bring the flavors and spirit of homestead cooking to any kitchen table. With a foreword by bestselling author Joel Salatin The Pioneer Woman Cooks meets 100 Days of Real Food, on the Wyoming prairie. While Jill produces much of her own food on her Wyoming ranch, you don’t have to grow all-or even any-of your own food to cook and eat like a homesteader. Jill teaches people how to make delicious traditional American comfort food recipes with whole ingredients and shows that you don’t have to use obscure items to enjoy this lifestyle. And as a busy mother of three, Jill knows how to make recipes easy and delicious for all ages.
“Jill takes you on an insightful and delicious journey of becoming a…

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