John Sharp Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2010 Step By Step Microsoft Press 2010

John Sharp Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2010 Step By Step Microsoft Press 2010 | 16.18 MB English | 781 Pages Title: Microsoft® Visual C#® 2005 Step by Step
Author: John Sharp
Year: 2005

Description: Teach yourself Visual C# 2005 fundamentals-one step at a time. With this practical, learn-by-doing tutorial, you get the guidance you need to start creating programs and components in C#!
Discover how to:
    [*] Work in the Visual Studio 2005 development environment
    [*] Declare variables, call methods, and create operators
    [*] Construct statements to selectively or repeatedly run your code
    [*] Catch and handle exception errors
    [*] Use object-oriented concepts to declare classes and objects
    [*] Write destructors to clean up unneeded code and help manage resources
    [*] Create reusable components, such as properties, indexers, and events
    [*] Define types and parameters for generics and generalized classes
    [*] Use Windows Forms to create user interfaces complete with user controls
    [*] Access data sources using Microsoft ADO.NET
    [*] Construct Web Forms that display large volumes of data
    [*] Validate user input with Microsoft ASP.NET controls
    [*] Write, test, and deploy Web services

CD features all practice exercises.
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