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Ed Blankenship Martin Woodward Grant Holliday Brian Keller Professional Team Foundation Server 2012 Wrox 2013 | 39.88 MB English | 796 Pages Title: Professional Team Foundation Server 2012
Author: Ed Blankenship
Year: 2014

Description: Team Foundation Server is now for everyone! Team Foundation Server is an integral part of Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management suite for managing and delivering software projects. The 2013 update has opened up TFS for everyone by expanding capabilities to support iOS, MacOS, Android, and Java development. Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 covers the latest updates for Agile Project Management, Test-Case Management, Release Management, and shows new users the TFS workflow for managing and delivering products. The authors leverage their positions as MVP Microsoft insiders to guide you step-by-step through all things TFS, as well as help prepare you for the Team Foundation Server Certification Exam.
    [*] Provides a broad overview of Team Foundation Server for developers, software project managers, testers, business analysts, and others wanting to learn how to use TFS
    [*] Gives TFS administrators the tools they need to efficiently monitor and manage the TFS environment
    [*] Covers core TFS functions including project management, work item tracking, version control, test case management, build automation, reporting
    [*] Explains extensibility options and how to write extensions for TFS
    [*] Helps certification candidates prepare for the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2013 certification exam

Professional Team Foundation Server 2013 is the ultimate guide to mastering this invaluable developer’s tool.

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