Chou Cheng Hung Java Tools For Developers

Chou Cheng Hung Java Tools For Developers | 2.73 MB English | 400 Pages Title: Java Tools for Developers: 2nd edition
Author: Cheng-Hung Chou
Year: 2016

Description: When working on a project, sometimes you face the following questions during the design phase: Should we include this task in this phase? It seems risky. Should we adopt this technology and do code refactoring on existing programs? Should we use this framework instead of writing our own?

Incorporating right development tools into your products can increase productivity of developers and expand functionality on products. You do not need to reinvent everything from scratch. You are not an expert on everything. Leave the job to the expert. But, searching and evaluating right tools can be time consuming. Especially those not well-written or maintained can put your products at risk. Finding well-proven 3rd party tools is the key since they have been using in many products and still improving regularly. A good development tool even can be part of coding practice for developers.

To learn a new technology or tool, the most difficult part is to find where to start with. Sometimes, it is not even well-documented. Or, you do not want to spend time to read the whole book. This book is not trying to teach you how to write Java programs. It assumes you already have basic idea about Java programming language. The main purpose of this book is to broaden your knowledge as a professional Java developer and save you time in finding and learning useful development tools.

Topics in this book cover a variety of development tools in Java. They include APIs, testing tools and servers. In the second edition, it includes the following updates:

Adding to the chapter of Apache Commons: Commons CSV and Commons Codec
Adding PowerMock to the chapter of EasyMock, JUnit, and PowerMock
Rewriting the chapter of Apache Solr to cover Solr 5
Adding two new chapters: Jackson, Hibernate Validator

The following are topics in this book:

Apache Commons
Apache POI
EasyMock, JUnit, and PowerMock
Apache JMeter
Apache Solr
Apache James
Hibernate Validator

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