Business Portrait And Headshot At Home With iPhone And Android Phone

Business Portrait And Headshot At Home With iPhone And Android Phone

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Are you are a content creator or a solopreneur who needs to update business portraits often for your website and online marketing?

Or you’re a freelancer, a small business owner who needs a good business headshot for LinkedIn and social media profile?

If so, I created this course for you.

Good headshots are crucial to any business for social media marketing and personal branding. People want to see who they are buying from. You don’t need to be super good-looking to be able to attract people to your door; you simply need a clean and professional-looking headshot to tell your story.

Do you feel awkward being in front of the camera? The thought of being photographed gives you anxiety or stresses you out. I was like that before until I discovered the method to be comfortable in from of the camera.

I will take you on a journey to learn a method that you never heard of before, and you will learn everything you need to know about taking a good photo of yourself.

(Photos taken by phone.)

This course is for

Content Creators, teachers, writers, coaches and Online Instructors: No more “I don’t have a decent photo to upload.” You can take control of your image content creation, taking and updating your own headshots regularly to connect with your audience.
For people having Little to None Photography Knowledge: The course includes all the basic knowledge and setups you will need to know about taking great headshots of yourself.
For anyone who wants to have a good headshot of themselves: You can update your headshot every 2-3 months instead of every 3-5 years.
This Course May Not Be For

Photography enthusiasts or photographers looking for advanced photography content. You will not benefit from this course if you already have photography knowledge. This course is also not for beautifying filter editing or photo manipulation.

Hi. I am Amanda. I am a professional portrait photographer. In my studio, I specialise in photographing women and taking away their fear to be in front of the camera. I genuinely believe that everyone can look photogenic in photos.

In Module 1 Indoor Studio Setup, I talk about the basic indoor studio setup. Starting from the bare minimum setup, I will talk about the backdrop and some very helpful gear.

Module 2 Camera Basics is about guiding you through setting up your camera settings on your smartphone to take headshots and run you through the camera basics.

Module 3 Posing. With headshots, I keep it natural and straightforward, so you can follow along. The key is to practice the poses; the more you practice, the better you get.

Module 4 lighting. Learning how to make your window light source soft and beautiful is crucial for taking good photos.

In Module 5 Photo Editing, I will show you how to use your smartphone to edit and retouch your photos. And how to fix some problems that you might have.

Testimonials for this course

“I feel more confident about taking my headshots. Not just because of the skill that I learned throughout the course but also on how the teacher appreciates skin textures and puts emphasis on being confident with your own skin and that it does not need to be perfect. I am actually excited to try while watching the lessons! “– Renaly B.Social Media Strategist, Marketer, Content Creator

“Upon listening to the simple instructions you’ve provided and how you navigated through the online apps for editing, I feel like everything is so doable. With the tips you have provided, especially on how to properly and professionally pose for the headshot, I think I can confidently say I can apply those tips in taking my own headshots.” — Marica R.Administrative Assistant/Project Coordinator

“The course is perfect. I like the explanations, and everything is explained in detail. After this course, I’ll master taking my headshots. Thank you, Amanda, I know that I need a course like yours. I will recommend it to all that think: “the camera doesn’t like me” Hoping that you will do more courses like this!” — Simona V.Content Writing/Web Search Professional

“I really love the course, and I think it will be very useful for me when I take professional photos for work. Thank you so much, Amanda. I will surely recommend this to people who are awkward, camera-shy and not confident about what they look like on camera”. — Angelica S.Graphic Designer

“The course was really enlightening. The module on Finding the best window light and where to place hands and the leg positioning in Woman Sitting and Standing Poses were answers to problems I have always faced when taking pictures. So yes, taking the course has bolstered my confidence. I’m definitely going to try taking headshots like a pro.” — Chiamaka E.Assistant

“I was a total beginner in photography before this course, and after applying the tips and teachings Amanda provides, I could clearly see the difference between the headshots I took before and after her instructions. Everything was explained so well and in detail, which is great for beginners in the field. I would totally recommend this course to anyone.” — Fernanda O.

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