Elaine Marmel Master Visually Excel 2007 2008

Elaine Marmel Master Visually Excel 2007 2008 | 52.1 MB English | 802 Pages Title: Master VISUALLY Excel 2010
Author: Elaine Marmel
Year: 2010

Description: The complete visual reference on Excel basics Aimed at visual learners who are seeking an all-in-one reference that provides in-depth coveage of Excel from a visual viewpoint, this resource delves into all the newest features of Excel 2010. You’ll explore Excel with helpful step-by-step instructions that show you, rather than tell you, how to navigate Excel, work with PivotTables and PivotCharts, use macros to streamline work, and collaborate with other users in one document.
    [*] This two-color guide features screen shots with specific, numbered instructions so you can learn the actions you need to perform in order to execute a wide range of Excel 2010 tasks.
    [*] Features beginning, intermediate andadvanced visual coverage of Excel 2010
    [*] Shows you how to enter information into a worksheet, use formulas and functions, find and control formulaic errors, and much more
    [*] Presents more than 1,000 screen shots that demonstrate step-by-step instructions of numerous Excel 2010 tasks

You’re encouraged to move at your own pace as you acquire confidence and proficiency with the newest version of Excel.

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