ClearSpeak’s English pronunciation for FRENCH accents

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Achieve polished British pronunciation with the renowned ClearSpeak Method. Ideal for IELTS and those on a career path.

What you’ll learn
Appear professional and polished to English speakers at work and play
Make every consonant and vowel precisely with professional speech therapy techniques
Achieve a fluent English accent by changing the overall holding posture of your mouth
Be understood clearly anywhere in the world with a Neutral Standard English accent
An intermediate level of English or better. If you understand this outline, you have what it takes!
What you get
Is your first accent of French origin? This course is designed specifically to target your problem sounds. It’s one of the ClearSpeak Time-Online Series tailored for different accent groups.
You get a complete package for both clear pronunciation and fluent neutral British English accent
Your tutor is speech pathologist Alison ‘Kimi’ Kimble, an authority in English accent change
Take the complete 15 Unit course OR study only a few problem sounds
You’ll find around 14 hours of demo videos and loads of audio exercises along with many support articles
The ClearSpeak Method is a leader in the accent change field. It’s easy to get results with the professional speech pathology techniques.
Your voice coach
I’m Kimi Kimble, your professional tutor and voice coach for your speech journey.
If unclear speech is holding you back in your studies or career, then a Time-Online course is definitely for you. Our courses are for ‘committed’ students who may have tried other approaches and found they don’t produce a true or lasting result. There are no quick fixes!
Pronunciation and accent change are a skill
Like learning to play the piano, you cannot hope to master these by watching a series of short video clips. It takes much more to be able to think and pronounce fluently at the same time.
The professional ClearSpeak Method
Time-Online courses are based on the ClearSpeak Method developed over 25 years. Used in many universities internationally, professional speech therapy techniques set this course apart from others. It will give you your best shot at achieving a superior result.
Use fun techniques to learn
I’ll be guiding you every step of the way through many hours of masterclass videos and ‘listen-and-repeat’ exercises. You’ll be using lots of intuitive visualisations along with instructions about how to move your mouth into the correct position. Simply ‘telling’ you what to do, and asking you to mimic me, are never enough.
Accent change is not just about learning separate sounds
Whole accent change has two quite different sides and both are essential
FIRST you learn to make each new sound, one at a time, and tune in to the English speech melody
SECOND you change the overall holding posture of your mouth as you speak
Used by professional mimics, this holding posture creates a consistent and fluent accent.
Your mouth must ‘feel’ it is operating quite differently when you change from one accent to another. Most pronunciation courses make no mention of this.
So, take a look at the outline that follows to learn more. I’ll be delighted to have your company if you decide to join me.
All the best for now!
Your tutor,
"Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke, but only action truly brings you closer to your dreams". BRAD SUGARS
How a course works
The course is by self-study online.
In the Start Up Unit you will
Discover all about English sounds and the ClearSpeak techniques
Decide on your course Plan
The Typical List of Errors for your accent group has the 15 most common consonant and vowel errors relative to English
Study the entire List if your aim is overall accent change OR Select only a few problem sounds
Then move on to study each sound on your Plan. There is a Sound Kit Unit of study materials for each one.
All 15 Sound Kits have
A one-hour Masterclass video or a Tutorial video. Kimi demonstrates how real students achieve success with the ClearSpeak techniques.
A Sound Guide giving you instructions on how to make the sound
Articles on key issues or challenges in making the sound
Up to one hour of custom-designed ‘listen and repeat’ audio exercises supported by text with words, phrases, sentences and story text
A set of Advanced Exercises for problem issues, such as confusion between similar sounds
A Review Text for evaluating your progress as you learn
A Completion Coupon for each Sound Kit Unit
Who this course is for
Those with a French accent seeking to study or work with English speakers
Professionals and those on a career path where clear English is critical for success
IELTS students wishing to pass the Speech Test
Anyone seeking to speak English clearly and sound ‘good’ at the same time

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