Bowls To Nirvana A Master Book Of Buddha Bowl Recipes Hope Ivy

Bowls To Nirvana A Master Book Of Buddha Bowl Recipes Hope Ivy | 9.59 MB English | 99 Pages Title: Bowls to Nirvana: A Master Book of Buddha Bowl Recipes
Author: Hope, Ivy
Year: 2020

Description: Food, art, health, and convenience all in one giant bowl, is what we present to you in this cookbook containing 30 recipes for lip-smacking Buddha Bowls.

With shifts in lifestyle towards unhealthier junk food, and the rush to get life sorted out, nobody has time for healthy cooking, or time to appreciate art. But all thanks to Gautama Buddha and his search for enlightenment, we now have an age-old solution to our latest problems.

A Buddha Bowl is a bowl packed with representatives from every nutrient category, arranged as separate portions in one bowl. It is extremely easy to make, takes very less time, colorful, and so healthy it will leave your mother crying tears of happiness. Vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian recipes, you name it, this cookbook has it all. Try out these wonderful delicacies that will leave you feeling like an artist, and more importantly, happier and healthier from the inside with every bite. Everyone’s a chef with a Buddha Bowl!

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